Eeonomer 500F

Intrinsically Conductive Polymer Powder

Eeonomers are a new class of thermally stable, pH neutral and electrically conductive composites made by in situ deposition of polyaniline or polypyrrole on carbon black.  Eeonomers are more stable (up to 300 C) than doped intrinsically conductive polymers and more easily processed with thermoplastics than carbon black.

For static dissipative and antistatic composites, coatings, elastomers and adhesives.


  • higher loading
  • greater resin compatibility
  • more dispersible
  • less filled parts re-work
  • less sloughing


  • higher conductivity at same loading level
  • conductivity control
  • better yield

Measured Value
Bulk conductivity
34-38 S/cm Pressed Pellet per ASTM F84 & D257
Surface resistivity
down to 0.5 ohm/sq. Pressed Pellet per customer spec. ASTM F84 & D257
Surface area (bet-N2)
690 m2/g ASTM D 3037
Particle size
avg. 40 nm per JEOL 2000fx Transmission Electron Microscope
Sieve residue
>90% ≥ 600 mesh Laser Diffraction in Water
Water content
1 - 2% ASTM D 1509
Ash content
0.01 - 0.04% ASTM D 1506
Temperature limit
Processible up to at least 290°C (560°F)
Chemical nature