Pressure Sensors

NTex Stretchy Sensor
A conductive knitted nylon/ elastane fabric for applications requiring environmental... more
NTex Non-stretchy sensor
Conductive nonwoven fabric piezo-resistive sensors map and measure pressure, bend,... more
About Pressure Sensors

Eeonyx produces best of breed piezo-resistive sensor fabrics– the first and only ultra- thin, wearable smart fabric sensor that measures all aspects of physicality: pressure, bend, stretch, and torsion. Millions of Eeonyx sensors are currently in use, even after years of rugged service.  As small as 2mm in area x 0.25mm thick, Eeonyx’s sensors can be shaped to any geometry.  The dynamic range of one of our sensors is 1:2,000 accurately and uniformly measuring weights ranging from 5 grams to 100 kilos.

The fabrics may be used as on/off switches and they map motion over the surface of the fabric in the x, y, and z axes.

Sensors are available as stretchy and non-stretchy fabrics.  Stretchy fabrics are produced in sheets measuring 10 linear yards x 56”.  Non-stretchy fabrics are produced as roll goods with a width of 60”.

Some of our Pressure Sensors in action