Custom Solutions

With over twenty-five years of experience with conductive polymers, Eeonyx has researched hundreds of formulas, dozens of fabrics and many coating technologies. With our customers and partners, Eeonyx has helped develop new products ranging from low radar cross section antennas to safer robots and smart hospital beds.


Our latest projects developed a transparent coating for colored conductive leather, more robust monolithic sensors and a near field network for wireless transmission of energy and data.


Contact Eeonyx to learn how we can help your projects succeed. Our team of scientists and entrepreneurs have decades of combined experience in scientific research, rapid prototyping and launching new products. Eeonyx has its own laboratory and factory to support development from bench scale to industrial processes.


Our specialty is conductive materials science. Eeonyx will engineer the best materials solution for your needs respecting:

  • Electrical properties—conductivity, resistivity, dynamic response
  • Material properties— fabric size, durability, stretchiness
  • Chemical properties—pH, resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Thermal properties—operating temperatures, insulation

We look forward to hearing from you! To contact Eeonyx, please email or call (510) 741-3632.