About Our Products

Eeonyx’s smart fabrics are fashionable enough for touchscreen compatible dress gloves yet rugged and reliable enough for mission critical environments, including hospitals and warfighting platforms.   Conductive polymer coatings have the advantage of saving 90% of the weight of other conductors, such as metal.  This light weight technology preserves the flexibilty and physical properties of fabric, making it ideal for wearable technology. Eeonyx can tune the conductivity of its textiles to deliver different electromagnetic and electroactive functions including:

  • Piezo-resistive sensors for measuring and mapping pressure, bend and stretch
  • EMI absorbers for protecting electronics and lowering radar cross section
  • Capacitive fabrics for touchscreen compatible apparel
  • Resistive fabrics for radiant heating
  • Conductive textiles for filters
  • Anti-static fibers for needle punch carpets

Eeonyx’s customers are putting our smart fabrics to work in exciting new applications. Some recent successes are:

  • Smart footwear to track fitness and analyze balance
  • Blankets to keep patients warm during surgery
  • Keyboards and music mixers
  • Oil and fuel filters for removing static electricity
  • Robotic exoskeletons
  • Data gloves that let performers control special effects with a gesture

Eeonyx’s products are free of odors and VOCs. Coatings are made with organic conductive polymers. They are recyclable and RoHS compliant. The coating process does not require post-process onsite waste treatment.

Contact us to learn which Eeonyx fabrics are smart choices for you.