About Eeonyx

Since 1989, Eeonyx has pioneered the development of conductive  textiles, inks and powders– inventing and manufacturing them at our factory in the San Francisco Bay Area. Similar to silicon, Eeonyx’s semiconductors support many electronic applications.

Eeonyx’s patented technology formulates doped polymer thin film coatings and applies them to textiles, leathers, fibers, inks and powders.  As needed, Eeonyx adds additional coatings to make its products washable, water repellent and flame retardant.

Physically: Thin film coated fabrics are flexible. Our products can be stretched, rolled up and wrapped around different forms.

Electronically: The sheet resistivity of our products can be tuned over a range from ten to a billion Ohms per square. Different formulations produce films with either a positive or negative charge. Together with the dielectric insulator of the coated textile, Eeonyx creates flexible smart fabrics combining layers and zones of conductive and resistive elements.

Eeonyx’s products are economically manufactured with a variety of production methods at industrial scale. The Company’s customers include leading members of the aerospace, electronics, apparel, and medical device industries. Eeonyx also supports the research and rapid prototyping projects of universities and entrepreneurs.

Eeonyx has manufactured its products at its factory in the San Francisco Bay Area. All our products are biocompatible and RoHS compliant.